Having previously released on labels such as Vakant, Apollonia and Desolat, Romanian trio Premiesku (a.k.a. “Livio & Roby” + “George G”) are now scheduled to release Jojoman, their debut EP on 20/20 Vision.

2014 saw the trio increase their impact on not only the Romanian scene but the worldwide electronic scene as a whole, and their latest EP once again sees them utilise their expertly crafted, percussive production arsenal.

The title track “Jojoman” possesses a bassline which is sure to shift any dance floor and has been on heavy rotation by the likes of Apollonia ever since BPM 2015. “Voice Game” offers a different ride with a playful vocal sample, breaks groove and a vibe reminiscent of a secret weapon from the depths of Villalobos’s armoury.

Premiesku’s three original tracks are also accompanied by remixes courtesy of Parisian underground house virtuoso Djebali alongside long term Argentinean amigo, Guti – a relationship formed through both of their connections with the infamous Desolat label, with whom Premiesku released their acclaimed debut LP, Indirect in 2012.

Jojoman is available on vinyl now via Juno Records, with “Voice Game” available to stream below ahead of the EP’s digital release on June 1.