Tommy Vicari Jnr‘s debut album under his V.I.C.A.R.I. alias is set to launch new Australian label Counterculture Records.

Counterculture is headed up by Australia-based UK artists Jack Fuller, who is also one third of Sydney’s Mantra Collective, and Ben Ashton (Return To Rio). V.I.C.A.R.I.’s Soft Machinations will kick off the label with a storming 3 x 12″, housed in stunning artwork by Halo Varga and distributed by Yoyaku‘s distribution arm, YY.

Featuring all of Vicari Jnr’s hallmarks, Soft Machinations is full of swinging drum-machine rhythms, tripped-out synth lines, and wall-shaking low-end grooves. For those keeping a close ear to the house scene, or more importantly videos emanating out of the recent Sunwaves, you would have noticed the massive C1 cut, “MOY LALLY IN D,” doing the rounds.

Soft Machinations is set to drop in the next few weeks and can be pre-ordered here. Ahead of the release, you can stream the glistening “YOVEREVE PT 1” in full via the player below.