Electronic renaissance man Trevor Jackson has reignited his Playgroup project with Previously Unreleased, a 30-track outing dropping across nine weeks and nine vinyl-only releases.

Previously Unreleased is a collection of reworked demos and unreleased recordings that have been freshly re-edited and tweaked to target the modern dancefloor. Although the tracks have been updated, they still place Jackson’s notorious rawness and grit at the forefront, harking back to the hedonistic days of electronic music, as Jackson explains:

“Inspired by the hedonistic early days of house, disco, post punk, electro and dub, these tracks reflect a unique moment in time”, explains Trevor. “The emergence of underground club culture in New York, London, Chicago, Paris and Northern Italy was driven by pioneering DJs playing a wildly diverse soundtrack to a passionate, dance driven and open minded audience. It was a sensory overload of chemicals, bass, smoke, sweat, sex and danger; a testament to the non-air conditioned, non-i-Phone infested and non- corporate clubbing days of yore.”

With four of the limited releases out now, and with four still to come—on August 26, September 2, September 9, and September 16—you can stream “Come Together – Dub” in full via the player above.