German producer Array Access has been making beats since 2010. His latest piece of work, a beautiful four-track EP entitled “Variations”, is scheduled for release on a new label, Ressort Imprint.

Variations” consists of two tracks, two remixes and a hard-hitting bonus track.

The two original tracks entitled “Variations” illustrate this young producer’s passion from the very first minute and take us on a cruise through rough beats while floating on airy synthesizer sounds at the same time.

Additionally to that, the remixers did their best to keep the beauty vivid. The Swedish producer Evigt Mörker stays true to his style and serves an interpretation fitting foggy clubs and misty forests alike while Eomac defends his reputation as being one of the most interesting artists these days with a take that is deeply anchored in modern electronica.

A1. Variation 1
A2. Variation 2

B1. Variation 1 (Evigt Mörker Remix)
B2. Variation 2 (Eomac Remix)

You can stream “Variations” in full below, and download the digital bonus track, ahead of the full release on May 27.

Laicalg (Digital Bonus)