Musician and multimedia artist Marco Barotti is set to release his She Once Knew EP on October 19 via Munich-based electronic music label, Gomma.

After graduating from Siena Jazz Academy in Italy, Barotti made his way to Berlin in 2007 to fulfill his various artistic ambitions. These diverse and creative endeavors include the creation of interactive sound sculptures, film projects, inflatable architecture, and the transformation of public space. Barotti has now moved onto music, combining his knowledge of classical music with his passion for electronic intonation. Spacious and moving, Barotti uses his own low pitched vocals and constructs careful and abiding drum patterns over his track “She Once Knew,” which gives way to stirring soundscapes that blend into a momentary but enchanting saxophone riff towards the end of the song. Overall, Barotti’s sound is meticulous, spectral, and mystifying in a way that is deeply satisfying. 

You can stream the track “She Once Knew” below ahead of the EP’s release and be sure to check out more from Barotti by visiting his soundcloud page here.