At the end of last month, Berlin’s Vakant label released Vortex To Unreason, the new EP from Italian producer Cesare Marchese (a.k.a. Cesare vs Disorder). The four-tracker features two new originals from Marchese, with the title track arriving with reworks from Romania’s Cristi Cons and fellow Italian Fango. Marchese endeavoured to present something unexpected and slightly different with Vortex, with his two tracks nodding to his lost feelings of the 90’s, and a time when electronic music was made for the mind and soul as much as it was for the club. “Vortex” is an amalgamation of modern day production and these lost feelings, with it’s skipping rhythm, heady atmospheres, and ravey synths working together to create an all-encompassing journey full of nostalgia. You can stream “Vortex” in full below, with the full EP available for purchase here.