As announced, Ben Klock’s Klockworks label is soon set to release a new compilation featuring new tracks from Etapp Kyle, DVS1, Klock himself, and more names.

The compilation will be the label’s 20th release and will be available on vinyl across three double EPs that can be bought separately or bundled together. It will also be sold digitally.

Ahead of the compilation’s September 25 release, you can stream DVS1’s “In The Middle” below.


01. Etapp Kyle “Essay”
02. Jon Hester “Let’s Go”
03. Adam Craft “Aphite 49”
04. Sterac “Lately”
05. Ben Klock “Twenty”
06. DVS1 “In The Middle”
07. Trevino “Sombre Tones”
08. Newa “Dance Of The Warrior”
09. Dax J “Late Night Mistress”
10. ROD “Extra”
11. Sterac “Scientific Methods”
12. Troy “Flux”
13. Heiko Laux “Dark Fader”
14. Jay Clarke “Perdita”
15. Ritzi Lee -“Substract”
16. Reus “Acid Modo”
17. High Position “Cops”
18. Yoikol “Dense”
19. Adam Craft “Pacelane”
20. Vincent “How I Feel”