Los Angeles indie imprint and Alpha Pup Records affiliate Doom of Doom will release the debut album by Huxley Anne.

Titled Ilium, the album followed a period of creative stasis, an extended time in which Huxley Anne found herself “unable to feel emotion in the act of observing, interacting, and creating art.” The tip of the creative scale was the result of an encounter with Cy Twombly’s 1960s painting “Ilium (One Morning Ten Years Later)” at LA’s Broad Museum. The painting resonated deeply with Huxley Anne, as she explains: “…in one sublime instant I was overcome with raw emotion, tears bleeding from my eyes with joy and pain and beauty and melancholy and death and desire and the truest feeling I’d been searching for over the past five years. I could feel emotion again and the intensity was overwhelming.”

The resulting creative outpouring makes up her debut album, an engrossing body of work that straddles the line between darkness and light and touches on drone, industrial, ambient, and the beat-driven pastures of her LA base. On the album, Huxley Anne commented:

Ilium is a record of the dark, beautiful, moving things I destroyed—the contours of sound shaping themselves as I passed from a state of ghostly apathy to a state of subliminal passion—a record of the depths of woman.”

Ilium will be released on limited edition cassette and digital platforms tomorrow, April 14. The album can be pre-ordered here, with the full LP streaming below.