John Daly

The Smoke Clears will be the sophomore album for John Daly‘s ambient-tinged project of the same name.

As a producer, Daly has released on some of house music’s most renowned imprints with an almost unparalleled work rate and quality. He first appeared on the scene back in 2007 with his first EP and the launch of Feel Music, the label he co-founded with One Eye. Since then, Daly has released four albums and over 30 EPs on label such as, among others, Running Back, Drumpoet Community, secretsundaze, and Mule Musiq.

Daly’s latest release is a self-titled album under his The Smoke Clears moniker—a project formed back in 2013 with the Listen LP, which was released via Further Records. Like the first LP, The Smoke Clears steers away from the dancefloor—although there are a handful of cuts that will surely find their way into a club. The sound is still noticeably Daly, but it leans much more towards Boards Of Canada-esque warped electronica than the house sound he is most known. It’s an album for post-club wind downs, a collection of tracks to drift away to.

The Smoke Clears will be released today via All City, and to celebrate, XLR8R has been gifted the full stream of the LP, which is available via the player below—along with a video for “Heaven Sent.”