Geko Jones is a NYC-based DJ who is most well known for his ability to blend vintage Afro-Latin tracks with electronic based production and his wild monthly “Que Bajo” parties at The Wick in Brooklyn. Working alongside the classic latin record label Fania Records to revive the legacy of the late Ralfi Pagan, Geko Jones has compiled the album Latin Soul Remixed, which seamlessly blends an old school, soulful latin flavor with various forms modern electronic dance music. The album is set to drop on November 6.

Ralfi Pagan, a latin soul singer who was signed to Fania Records in 1969 and made a significant cultural impact on young hispanic americans and eventually became well known throughout the Latin world, was tragically shot and killed in Colombia in 1978 due to his involvement with some shady promoters.

Pagan’s music has had a large impact on Geko Jones and he decided to get in touch with Fania Records in order to gather stems and begin this remix project. The various producers involved have managed to craft some truly unique and compelling tracks around the Pagan stems gifted to them by Jones.

You can stream K.Sabroso’s remix of the heartfelt and melancholy Ralfi Pagan track “Negrona,” and you can learn more about the latin soul singer by going here.