English rock musician, visual artist, and poet Keaton Henson has dropped a surprise side project and album, Behaving.

Behaving is Henson’s first foray into electronic music, and one that is altogether haunting, dazzling, and full of raw, unbridled emotion. The album and project was birthed after two years of intensive work on his third album and his first collection of classical compositions, Romantic Works, which was surprise-released on the same day of Henson’s headlining show at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall—at the request of James Lavelle. Emotionally exhausted, Henson retreated inside, both physically and emotionally, and crafted nine superbly written, improvised cuts that would form Behaving. Intricate, loose, and delicate rhythms sit snuggly underneath Henson’s crooning vocals and gorgeous piano work, all melding together to create a stunning collection not to far removed from the work of James Blake.

Behaving is available now on iTunes, with the album also streaming in full via the player below.