Max Graef, Glenn Astro, and Delfonic’s Money $ex Records will release the latest LP from Knowsum.

Although he may be quite unknown to some, when it comes to quirky, unclassifiable, and just downright mind-warping music, few do it better than Knowsum. If you had to describe his music to someone, it would be a tiresome taskā€”that is, other than stating how great it is. His tunes sit somewhere in the realm of beat-driven pop, but it’s pop that sounds like it has taken an intergalactic trip around the sun.

On his latest LP, Play God And Shit Happens,Knowsum continues his spaced-out explorations across 14 funk-filled cuts. Comparisons could be drawn to modern-day funk and soul flagbearers like Mndsgn and the Stones Throw crew, but Knowsum has managed to craft a singular style within that realm.

You can pre-order Play God And Shit Happenshere ahead of the December 15 release date, with the album streaming in full exclusively via the player below.