Next week sees prolific San Francisco-based producer Matrixxman return to Ghostly’s Spectral Sound imprint for the second time with StuxNet, a four-track EP that can now be streamed in full ahead of its release.

Fueled by crunchy hardware rhythms and lurching acid lines, the original efforts featured on StuxNet are said to be split into two distinct halves: “StuxNet Part I” burrows squirming synth tones and distant atmospheres beneath a restless procession of thick drum-machine percussion, while “StuxNet Part II” takes shape as a more muffled endeavor, its groove built around a slightly less erratic chain of drum-machine kicks and snares. On the flip side, the reins are handed over to Hieroglyphic Being and Silent Servant, who each take on separate tracks from Matrixxman’s Amulet EP (his 2014 release for Spectral) and add their own distinctive touch to the proceedings.

Out on March 16 in vinyl and digital form, the latest missive from the ever-busy Matrixxman can be streamed in its entirety below.