Back in Febuary, London label Spinning Plates launched its acclaimed first release, Will & Held’s Ours. On December 14, the label’s sophomore release will arrive as a spilt EP from veteran Sydney-based producer Andy Rantzen and one of the label’s A&Rs Bruno Schmidt—who evidently found Rantzen’s tracks during a wide-eyed, late-night youtube session.

Spread across four tracks, with Rantzen and Schmidt supplying two each, SP002 kicks off with the bass-heavy, electro-tinged “98%,” which uses Tibetan tuning for a slightly warped and abnormal sound. The ferocity of the drums in the EP’s second cut, “Opalescent,” recalls Factory Floor’s drive, with a chest-cracking bassline sitting underneath, and trippy, swirling synths riding up top. Schmidt steps up next with “Cornbread,” a deep and gurgling, synth-heavy outing with intricately woven percussion and a deep, echoing bassline. Closing the EP are the minimalistic grooves of “Microdot,” a Perlon-esque cut with warped rhythms and evolving synths.

Released on vinyl only, SP002 will land on Spinning plates on December 14, with the full EP streaming below.