Following their debut EP, Mexican Smoke, released via Straight Lines Are Fine, Lawrence Northall and Molly Dixon (a.k.a. The Caulfield Beats) are set to return to the label to release their latest single, ‘Acid pt. 1.’ The Caulfield Beats caught its break when Boiler Room featured the track “90’s Love (Acid pt. II)” as a Boiler Room Debut, resulting in a flurry of positive feedback concerning the heavy and driving music that this burgeoning talent has managed to construct.

With a debut LP coming out next year, the track “Acid pt. I”, which is being featured as today’s XLR8R premiere, is meant to give fans a taste of what comes next. The bass, which lays the foundation of the track, is identical to that of “90’s Love (Acid pt. II),” but does away with the fascinating mixture of acid house and indie vocal appeal that the latter track utilizes. The duo replaces those aspects of the track with choppy, down pitched vocals, a concentrated bass, and an abundant techno vibe that gives the track a heavy zephyr and rhythmic space.

You can stream “Acid pt. I” below and be sure to check out more from The Caulfield Beats by visiting its Soundcloud page here.