Greek producer Sawf, a core member of the Modal Analysis roster, is scheduled to release his latest work, the Sonic EP. The Sonic EP is a stunning four-tracker with a clear intention to interpret an industrial-noise aesthetic from a techno perspective.

“Sonic#1” is a cut from the intro of Sawf’s live set, offering a powerful combo of processed vocals and distorted soundscapes. “Sonic#2” comes as a long and stepping beast that creates the uncomfortable feeling of a horror movie soundtrack. On the B side, “Sonic#3” blends blurry vocals with rhythmic industrial elements on a breath-taking bass-line, while “Sonic#4” presents Sawf’s charisma on impro-noise compositions.

Connected to the release, on July 17 Athens—based event series π will cross the Greek border and travel to Berlin for its first night at Arena Club. π09 is the 9th edition of the series, which comes as a collaboration event between ‘π’ and Samsara Sessions, a London founded party which debuted at Corsica Studios, London in 2014. Featured artists will include Ancient Methods, Sawf, Lower Order Ethics and Modeo. The night will also be supported by 3.14, co-owner of the Modal Analysis label and team co-ordinator of the ‘π’ events.

More information on the event can be found here.

Ahead of the its July release, the Sonic EP can be streamed in full below.


A1: Sonic#1 (Original)

A2: Sonic#2 (Original)

B1: Sonic#3 (Original)

B2: Sonic#4 (Original)