London-based experimental techno label BleeD enters its stride with label-head Volte-Face‘s All Grown Up EP, following his Charlatan EP back in May, and then his collaboration with Daniel Avery, Rote’s EP1.

Although early days, the BleeD imprint has been heavily championed by key figureheads of the scene, including Svreca, whose Semantica imprint will feature new Volte-Face material on the forthcoming Nonnative compilation.

Representing Volte-Face’s second EP release, All Grown Up is a significant step-up from the first, featuring three club-primed original tracks as well as an ambient excursion, and a killer remix from underground king DJ Spider, best known for running Plan B recordings, collaborating with the likes of Phil Moffa and Marshalito, and for releasing two EPs on Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes.

Ahead of the its November 27 release, Volte-Face’s All Grown Up EP can be exclusively streamed in full below.


A1. Ill-Fêted
A2. The Power Of Christ Compels You
B1. Chain Of Command
B2. All Grown Up
B3. Chariots Of Ire (DJ Spider Remix)