Although he has been releasing music since 2004, Graeme Clark (a.k.a The Revenge) only this week released his debut album, Love That Will Not Die, via his own Roar Groove imprint. It shows an artist at the top of his game, masterfully bringing together his love of disco and slowed-down house to beautiful effect. In support of the album Clark has debuted an all new, totally live set up which will be part of the Love That Will Not Die tour.

The tour touched down at Badaboum, Paris two weeks ago, where the below live set was recorded. “I’ve DJ’d at Badaboum a couple of times before and it’s always been a great vibe – but this was my first live show outside of the UK and I was a bit more on edge just because there was a lot more to go wrong!” Clark says, “The live show is only an hour long, but it consumes much more attention and energy from me as there are so many elements to deal with. It’s like a skydive or something, once you let go you need to focus and relax at the same time – to feel the moment as it happens otherwise you miss the full experience. It makes it really special when the crowd feel that too and I think this recording reflects some of that energy.”

The official album launch party for Love That Will Not Die will take place tomorrow in Glasgow at Sub Club’s temporary ‘Sub Hub,’ where Clark will be doing a short live performance and a Q & A. You can check out the exclusive premiere of the live set recorded at Badaboum below, with his upcoming live tour dates.

Live shows:

June 26th – Glastonbury Festival

July 4th – Fabric, London