As previously announced, Rodriguez Jr. is set to return to Mobilee with his second LP, titled Baobab.

Resident Advisor named the French artist in their Best Live Acts of 2016, and in between his famed live shows, he has created a ten-track LP that “elicits powerful emotions through music,” the label explains.

“Baobab is about roots. It has mainly been written whilst traveling and I needed to reconnect to my roots: the music I used to listen to as a teenager from South Of France, my first parties, this fantastic sense of freshness, enthusiasm, and innocence. This is why I decided to call it Baobab: a big tree proud to grow up in a lush surrounding, with its roots deep in the floor.”

The album sees Rodriguez Jr. collaborate with Liset Alea, the singer, and composer from Nouvelle Vague, whose vocals shine through on three of the tracks as well as Rodriguez Jr ‘s own vocals on “Heal Me.” Speaking about his collaboration with Liset, Olivier says, “the singer is a key part of this album as her voice is a link between different phases. The interaction in the studio has been extremely spontaneous and emotional.”


01. An Evidence Of Time
02. Heal Me
03 Baobab
04 Waste Tomorrow feat. Liset Alea
05. Take A Walk feat. Liset Alea
06. Radian
07. Monticello
08. The Heart Is A Woman feat. Liset Alea
09. Ellipsism
10. Tomorrow Never Comes

Baobab LP is scheduled for June 2 release, with “Baobab” exclusively streamable in full below.