Composer and producer Robert Logan’s first album Cognessence prompted an array of rave reviews and favourable comparisons to some of the giants of electronic music. Still only 19 at the time, he was described as “…something of a prodigy… a man that is already showing a maturity and a musical/textural understanding that many simply never find.” [BBC]. A second album Inscape and a clutch of EP’s garnered yet more praise and cemented his reputation as an artist with immense talent.

Following the success of his recent Extasis EP, his first solo release in five years, Logan now returns with Flesh, his third full-length album that sees him further develop his idiosyncratic sound whilst continuing to open up new possibilities within the field of electronic music. As ever, Logan’s methodology is rooted in an obsessive desire to push the technology at his disposal to the limit – all his sounds are created from scratch or are created by deconstructing found sounds and acoustic instruments through extreme digital processes.

In advance of the album’s September 21 release date, “Phrack” can be streamed in full below.


01 Spirit Wars

02 Phrack

03 Viker Raver

04 Lenticel

05 Vespine Domain

06 Solanoid

07 Goose Chatter

08 Straighten

09 Dendrite

10 Playground

11 Photovoltaics

12 Cyborg Horn

13 Glad Centipede

14 Transfigure