LA funk maven XL Middleton will release his latest LP, Tap Water, via MoFunk Records on October 30.

Hailing from California, XL Middleton’s sound keeps in line with a style of west coast rap and g-funk that is so closely associated with the greater Los Angeles region. Starting his career as a hip-hop producer, Middleton’s sound eventually morphed into a melodic, funk-laden musical format in the mid-2000’s that amassed an impressive following in the US, Europe, and Japan. The album Tap Water,which will be XL Middleton’s first full-length LP, draws a link between 80’s boogie funk and 90’s g-funk in a relatable and energetic manner. Being a seasoned musician, you can witness XL Middleton live on stage ripping it up on his keytar or regaling the crowd with his vocoder, bringing a spirit and sound to the forefront that artists like DâM-FunK, Sweater Funk, and Middleton have popularized as the modern funk movement.

You can stream the track “Exception to the Rule” from XL Middleton’s upcoming Tap Water LP below. If you are thirsty for more funk, be sure to visit his Soundcloud page by going here.

Pre-order the album here.