Luca Ventimiglia and Victor Nebbiolo di Castri are the Italian duo behind TIYG. Both classically trained, Ventimiglia and di Castri met during their studies at the Conservatory of Venice, Italy. Following their studies, the pair ventured down the experimental rabbit hole, before forming TIYG in 2013.

TIYG released its first EP on Five Fold Records in 2015, and has since released three more on the label, including the latest EP, In Your Guts. Focusing slightly more towards the dancefloor, it’s an EP rooted in techno, but one that hasn’t lost its experimental roots.

Following the release of In Your Guts, b-side cut “Collapse” lands with a video perfectly fitting the dark, experimental sound of the track. The brilliantly shot clip takes place in a sprawling, derelict building, with haunting vision of a mostly faceless, and shirtless, protagonist writhing throughout the disintegrating rooms, before twisting her way to the ocean and beyond.

You can watch the full video for “Collapse” below, with In Your Guts available to purchase here.