Sepalcure—a duo made up of Machinedrum and Braille—released its latest LP, Folding Time, on May 20 via regular home Hotflush Recordings.

Folding Time dropped six years after the duo’s debut EP, further cementing the perfect amalgamation of the pair’s solo work. Bright melodies, crisp drums, blissful guitar licks, and gorgeous piano work all intertwine in a multilayered concoction.

The latest single to drop from Folding Time is “No Honey,” which now gets a beautifully produced video from Sougwen—a wildly talented Chinese-raised Canadian-born New York-based artist. In the video, Sougwen weaves gorgeous resin-like textures with hypnotizing overlays, perfectly appropriating the music presented by Sepalcure. It’s an audio/visual feast to get lost in, by a trio of artists at the top of their game.

Folding Time can be purchased in full here, with the video for “No Honey” available to stream in full via the player above.