Olga Ozierańska

Following on from her 2014 two-part debut album, Verstorung, Aleksandra Grünholz (a.k.a. We Will Fail) recently released her latest album, Hand That heals / Hand That Bites, via Monotype Records.

Set in two opposite parts that attempt to tell the same story, Hand That heals / Hand That Bites focuses on experimental atmospherics on one end, and rhythm and energy on the other, respectively. Built from old synths, field recordings, and cascading rhythmic patterns, it’s a gorgeously engrossing release that warrants multiple listens. Aside from the music, Grünholz has also put together a mindbending animated video for album cut “Didn’t Work Out.” Consisting of fascinating-but-unnerving illustrations that crawl endlessly across the screen, it’s a fittingly trippy addition to a brilliant release.

You can watch the video for “Didn’t Work Out” via the player above, with the release available here.