Back in April, Australian producer Kyson released his sophomore LP, A Book Of Flying, via Friends of Friends.

Produced during “a time of solitude,” which was “born out of a return to his homeland Australia,” A Book Of Flying finds Kyson in an introspective mood, pushing his normally dancefloor-focused sound into the realm of bedroom pop. The LP was “inspired by delicate sound fragments and a connection to nature’s noise” and features 11 songs built around Kyson’s delicate vocal work and sublime songwriting.

Following the release of A Book Of Flying is the video for moody album cut “Black Dreaming.” Like the song it represents, the video, which is directed by John Jeanes, is a hazy, hypnotic, and altogether beautiful appropriation of a relationship and all its highs and lows. It’s a haunting and inward-looking piece that, like the album itself, touches on our innermost human qualities.

You can watch the full video for “Balck Dreaming” via the player above, with the album available to purchase here.