Brooklyn-based quartet Howard released its debut album, Religion, in January of last year and the latest offering, Please Recycle, is a concept EP built off the premise of reworking material solely from Religion.

In its original form, Religion is folk-based, pop-focused album, but its successor is decidedly more experimental and electronic. In stripping back the layers of the original and heavily reworking the stems, Howard Feibusch, the band’s primary songwriter, has created an altogether new beast—a new sound that reconfigures what the band is known for.

With the same concept in mind, director Sofia Rosenzweig worked with iPhone videos and images to create a similiar feel, as she explains:

“I wanted to do a music video for Please Recycle because I was drawn to Howard’s philosophy of reusing their older tracks to create new songs. Though these songs are made from the same elements as debut album Religion, the EP has a distinctly different feel, almost unrecognizable from its source.

So I went into my iPhone video archive, which dates back to 2013, looking for images that could be reused, recombined and re-contextualized. I’ve always filmed things around me everywhere I go, with the purpose of compiling a personal video journal that I was not really intending to share. With the philosophy of Please Recycle in mind, I dug up near forgotten footage and breathed new life into it by editing and overlaying videos taken in New York, Copenhagen, Argentina and South Africa, creating a new journey out of my past ones.”

You can watch the video for EP cut “Glass” in full via the player above.