Last month, Bristol producer JoeFarr released his brilliantly sprawling debut LP Sense Of Purpose on Bloc.

The LP will follow on from releases on Leisure System, Turbo, and Power Vacuum, and is a homage to his cousin, who died in an accident on the London underground tracks. “He was a massive inspiration musically,” Joe says. “He opened my ears to dance music and taught me how to mix. So the tone of the album was set to that precursor really, of losing him, then how I’ve dealt with that loss.”

Sense Of Purpose dives deeper into the musical identity of Joe, veering from his more 4/4 work and inviting the listener into his artistic core. Heady synth outings sit next to glitchy ambient excursions and the slamming techno bombs on which Joe built his fast rising reputation.

Following the release of the LP, album cut “AM05” now gets a fittingly twisted video, produced by Theo Watkins & Jamie Harding from You can watch the video in full via the player above, with the LP available for purchase here.