Turbo Recordings’ Thomas Von Party and Dreems‘ Multi Culti imprint released its first compilation, titled Sun Gaze & Moon Faze, on June 21. Over the course of 23 tracks—which were split and released as six separate EPs—Sun Gaze & Moon Faze perfectly detailed the label’s sound and ethos via tracks from Red Axes, Crowdpleaser, Manfredas, Nicola Cruz, Moscoman, Thomash, Zongamin, DJ Ground, Umoja, and more.

Also appearing on the release is the label debut from Italian maestro Rodion and Greek/German band Local Suicide, whose track “Owl & Wizzle” (feat. Mz Sunday Love) now gets a supernaturally-charged video directed by award-winning director Dimitris Argyriou and shot by cinematographer Fabio Mota. The video focuses on the struggle between light and darkness, inspired by Greek mythology, as the artists state:

“When we were making the track we were picturing the night falling down far out in the woods with owls hooting, the moon rising, and that feeling when you know that something strange is about to happen.

The lyrics of Mz Sunday Luv (“speak to them the words and they might see again light”) were the trigger to the video, which is our take on the fight between good and evil, between light and darkness and which takes its cues from Greek mythology and German medieval legends.

We often get caught up in everyday life. We’re like hypnotized, we don’t think any further, we do the same things over and over again, without much of a care for one another, about the general good or about our shared future.

Here fairies draw the dark crowd away from the negative influence of the witches and make them head towards the light. The story ends at an after-hour, just as the protagonists are waking up. Was it all a dream? Was it an omen? No one will ever know”

You can watch the video for Rodion and Local Suicide’s “Owl & Wizzle” (feat. Mz Sunday Luv) in full via the player above, with Sun Gaze & Moon Faze available to purchase here.