Back in April, JoeFarr’s Longanimity EP kicked off Leisure System’s GRIDLOCK 12” series, which represents the labels “ongoing interest in melding the freaky and the functional on the dance floor.” Now, EP cut “Mormon Shuffle” gets a weird and wonderful new video from the Old Rope Films camp.

The video is a twisted, hallucinogenic, and quite humorous three-and-a-half minutes which arrived with very little planning: “With barely any time, we instinctively decided the most natural visual accompaniment for JoeFarr’s writhing mechanical atmospheres would be this funked up fashion shoot stuck in a Möbius strip in time,” director Theo Watkins says. “It came to us like a whisper from another dimension.”

You can watch the full video for JoeFarr’s “Mormon Shuffle” below, with the full EP available here.

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Mormon Shuffle from Jamie Harding on Vimeo.