After being spotlighted during the course of our recent Bubblin Up’ Week 2015 series, Cologone-based DJ/producer Lena Willikens has now shared a new video for “Howlin Lupus,” the lead cut from her debut EP for Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme label.

The video for the humming production takes a tight focus on a collage of images by Cologne painter and visual artist Sarah Szczesny, who specifically made the piece to accompany Willikens’ Phantom Delia EP. As “Howlin Lupus” grinds and twists across its five-minute run, the video follows the coarse details of Szczesny’s collage, gliding along the edges of its many layers and flashing bits and pieces of its patterns. Said to be the first chapter of an ongoing Phantom Delia video series, the full clip for Lena Willikens’ “Howlin Lupus” can be watched below.