The “death” of 50WEAPONS has been much publicized and, from a fan’s perspective, agonized. From the outset, it was only ever going to reach 50 releases, but that doesn’t water down the gloom of the end actually arriving. To go out in style, 50WEAPONS announced an 11-part finale series, with the track in question here, Phon.o’s “Tw33tz,” featuring on the second installment alongside Paula Temple’s “Oscillate.”

Nostalgic in its sound and execution, “Tw33tz” perfectly encapsulates the end of one of modern clubland’s premiere labels, and now arrives with a fitting video featuring a phoenix-like bird traversing through mind-expanding animations, as explained by Phon.o:

“The spirit of the creature travels in time between past and future being insensible, but it doesn’t matter past or future, oblivion exists everywhere. At the end none can escape the way which always leads to the beginning.“

You can watch the official video for Phon.o’s “Tw33tz” via the player above, with the release available for purchase here.