Having released more than a combined 80 EPs and LPs to consistent acclaim since 1995, John Tejada has become one of the most respected producers in the US.

Returning to Kompakt after last year’s Signs Under Test LP—his third full-length with the label—the LA-based artist presented his Lakewood Drive EP in May. The release showcased Tejada’s admired brand of energetic, melodic minimalism, packed with three expertly crafted cuts—including “Integrator,” a track that is also included on Kompakt’s recentTotal 16 compilation.

Today the label has released a film for “Integrator,” made by Mark Dadlani who wrote a few lines about the vid:

“We run through worlds. We run toward the blur between the virtual and the real. We’re approaching the singularity where the simulation and reality are indistinguishable from each other. We find our hero stuck in a loop of paranoia as his virtual form resolves in and out of a black cube, solid to liquid, dissolving like an acid laced sugar cube. There is a romantic air too as John Tejada’s “Integrator” brings in a humanistic beauty that we’re in danger of missing…the dialogue between the internal and external pulse to the broken landscape of Los Angeles. Time is merely a construct of your conscious thoughts.”

Kompakt’s Total 16 compilation is available now.