It has been over a year since Teebs and Prefuse 73 (pictured above) debuted their collaborative Sons of the Morning project, and we still have yet to see a proper record from the two beatmakers. There have been live performances and remixes, but not much in the way of original recorded material. So you can imagine our surprise when the duo previewed a brand-new track today. Said to be from the upcoming first installment of the Speak Soon EP series (a run of releases for Prefuse 73’s nascent Yellow Year label which see him collaborating with various artists), “The Way the Winter Passed Us Up” finds Sons of the Morning doing what most fans likely hoped for, dropping hazy and blissful beats with a satisfying shimmer and thump. There are no details as to when Speak Soon Volume One will be released, but Spin’s Q&A with Prefuse 73 might shed a little light on his label’s intentions.