A powerful engine of uproaring and eclectic sounds, the producer known as Bit-Tuner has released his fifth full-length album A Bit Of Light via the fresh Zurich/Milan based imprint, –OUS.

Having shared the stage with electronic music icons such as Kelpe, Jon Hopkins, Ben Frost, Modeselektor, Shackleton, Zomby, and Actress, Bit-Tuner‘s live show is tuned towards crafting a formidable display of bass riddled tracks that are both gloomy and enchanting at the same time. The acidic melodies and colossal soundscapes used in his productions result in a tumultuous array of aggressive sounds that are bound to make low-end enthusiasts smirk with joy.

With over thirteen releases under his belt since 2004, Bit-Tuner is an artist that shows a high level of maturity and a consistency when it comes to evolving sonically. Be sure to preview the LP below and check out more from Bit-Tuner by visiting his SoundCloud page here.