Deepblak mainstay Damon Bell has revealed details of a forthcoming debut long-player on Aybee’s label, which is due for release at the end of next month. On Blues for the Libyan, the Oakland, California-based producer is said to mix tradition and experimentation, varied African polyrhythms and future-dancefloor funk. Labelmate and recent PAN signee Afrikan Sciences lends his talents to LP cut “Lybian Ether,” and vocalist Khalil Anthony features on opener “Chromosome Replacement.”

B​lues for the Libyan follows from a string of similar-spirited EPs on Deepblak, Do Over, and Sound of Speed, and will see an official release on June 29. Until then, album clips can be streamed below, where we’ve also included a complete tracklist.

A1 Chromosome Replacement ft. Khalil Anthony
A2 Concrete Caravan
B1 Blood
B2 Striving To Be Who We Are
C1 Rhythm Meat ft Afrikan Sciences
C2 Libyan Ether ft. Son of Ororo
D1 Broken Feathers
D2 Kampala