Back in March, John Roberts outlined plans for a new publishing outlet, Brunette Editions, which would release both music and printed media. Now, details of its inaugural offering have come to light: a two-track EP from Roberts himself, entitled Orah. “I made the record in New York earlier this year after deciding I needed a break from working with the computer,” Roberts told Resident Advisor. “I wanted to try something a bit different, to see if the confines of an alternate production format would cause me to think about song structure and melody in new ways. I decided that I would teach myself to make songs on the MPC 2000 (I had used it in the past but only for bits and pieces), and make a record using only that machine, sampling from records that I bought at junk shops around the city.”

Orah will see an official release on September 4, and snippets are streaming below.

A Orah
B Renata