Jonas Kopp follows up his debut album, Beyond the Hypnosisreleased on Tresor back in November 2014—with the powerful and club-oriented EP HHH.

The EP opens with throbbing bass, deranged chords, and hard hitting percussion, forming a stimulating composition full of energy to kick things off. The next two tracks unfold in the same way as the first, yet with a smoother delivery and in a more melodic manner. “Hank” unwraps with a stomping bass line and sinister atmospheres, while “Sinstro” yields a whole new ambiance with fraught chords pattering on the surface. To round out the release, the digital bonus track “Nekh” brings the story full circle with a bold opening arrangement which seems to fit within the center of a dark and discerning warehouse.

You can preview more tracks from HHH over on the Juno Records website, and you can pre-order the vinyl on Red Eye Records.

A1: Khaa
A2: Nhan
B1: Hank
B2: Sinstro
Digital Bonus / Nekh