The DJ/producer known only as Marquis Hawkes kicked off 2013 in a strong way—dropping the solid Higher Forces at Work 12″, issuing an intriguing mix for Juno Plus, and landing a profile in our Bubblin’ Up feature series. But after those first few months, the artist seemed to take a few steps back, and—save for a couple of remixes—he’s been more or less silent until today, when we caught a preview of his next record for Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. According to Juno Plus, the four-track Sex, Drugs & House 12″ is set to arrive in mid-October via the Glaswegian label. And Marquis Hawkes explained to Juno Plus why he doesn’t mind his sparse release schedule, saying, “I’m just concentrating on making the best music I possibly can rather than trying to rack up the releases like notches on a bedpost.” We can decide for ourselves if he’s done just that, as previews of each track from the artist’s next EP can be streamed below.