Last week, we reported that Los Angeles label Body High will soon be releasing its first compilation album, and now, co-owners Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL (pictured above) have shared a preview of its 11 tracks. Work Vol.1 celebrates Body High’s innovative approach to the dancefloor by featuring new material from the label founders, regular affiliates like DJ Funeral, Floyd Campbell, Cedaa, and Myrryrs, as well as newcomers Matpat and Pipes. Before the compilation drops on November 19, it can be previewed below.

1. Jerome LOL – Alma
2. Samo Sound Boy and Floyd Campbell – Give Up
3. Matpat – Feel Your Body
4. Pipes – Let’s Get Closer
5. Grown Folk – Freak Dis
6. Samo Sound Boy – Your Love
7. Floyd Campbell – Stretch
8. Myrryrs – Intro Theme
9. Cedaa – Kawasaki
10. DJ Funeral – Shutterbug
11. Myrryrs – Memphis