Príncipe will release Pais & Filhos, a new album from Niagara.

Niagara last appeared on Príncipe with 2018’s Apologia, their debut album. With Pais & Filhos, meaning “parents and children,” we can expect a “psychodynamic sound essay” generated from countless hours of live jams.

“Ano-A,” “Ano-B,” and “Ano-C” stem from the same root and all use acoustic percussion to add more organic life to the liquid nature of the music.

Niagara is the work of Sara Eckerson and brothers Antonio and Alberto Arruda, a Portuguese trio who first appeared in 2011 with a six-track CDr via Dromos Records. They’ve affiliated themselves closely with Príncipe, though their slowed-down house-oriented/post-punk aesthetic is a stark contrast to much of Lisbon label’s catalogue. Elsewhere, they’ve shared material via Videogamemusic [Canas; 2015], FTD, a London-based label run by Charles Drakeford; and their own Ascender, founded in 2015.

For more information on Niagara, check out their XLR8R podcast here.


A1. 21:44
A2. Herdeiros
A3. Tília
A4. Ano-B
B1. 46 x 92m
B2. Ano-C
B3. Ano-A

Pais & Filhos LP is out digitally today, with a vinyl edition to follow soon. Order here, where you can also stream the music.