Príncipe‘s next release comes in the shape of an eight-track EP from RS Produções. 

RS (Rinchoa Stress) began in 2014 as a group of close friends, even before they started producing. Things got “serious” in 2016 when Narciso, then 17, decided to take production seriously and relaunched RS as a proper crew with DJs (himself, Nuno, Nulo, and Lima), producers (himself, Nuno, and Farucox), and MC (Pimenta). In under two years, RS had made a name for themselves with tight, across the board grooves, working melody and metal beats with equal proficiency. 

This EP will be their debut release and the label’s 25th. Narciso and Nuno laid down all compositions, teaming up as the core producers of RS. 


A1. DJ Narciso “Caipirinha”

A2. DJ Narciso “Constipação do Poco”

A3. DJ Narciso “Guerreiro”

A4. Nuno Beats “Lingrinhas”

B1. DJ Narciso & Nuno Beats “Atrevimento”

B2. Nuno Beats “Futuro”

B3. DJ Narciso & Nuno Beats “Abertura” 

B4. DJ Narciso & Nuno Beats “Hino RS”

Bagdad Style EP will land on November 16, with “Hino RS” streaming below.