A new LP from Profligate will mark the 300th release from California outpost Not Not Fun. Headed by LA Vampires‘ Amanda and Britt Brown, the imprint has been in operation for a little over a decade, in which time it’s overseen releases from the likes of Torn Hawk, Maria Minerva, Moon Wheel, and Golden Donna (while spurring on the cassette-tape renaissance), and spawned a sister label, 100% Silk. As Resident Advisor reports, Profligate’s forthcoming Finding the Floor LP finds Philadelphia experimentalist Noah Anthony coupling techno with post-punk song structures; the album is set to land sometime next month, and LP cut “Girl Full of Joy” can be heard in full below, where we’ve also included a full tracklist.

01. Girl Full Of Joy
02. We’re Desperate
03. Can’t Stop Shaking
04. Dormant
05. Maniac Will Win
06. Basement
07. Laughing Song
08. Finding The Floor
09. Ambient Metal Room (Impossible)
10. We Can Have It All