Following a recent wave of public discourse regarding the restrictions aimed against Sydney nightlife, known as The Lockout Laws, the group known as Keep Sydney Open has planned and organized a formal protest in Sydney’s Belmore Park that is set to take place at noon on February 21.

Following two tragic incidents that took place at Kings Cross in Sydney in 2012 and 2013, the government passed a harsh measure that requires all venues to close at 3 a.m. and a 1:30 a.m lockout from any club—meaning patrons cannot enter or re-enter any venue after that time. Once teeming with a vibrant nightlife scene, Sydney’s curfew has effected hundreds of local businesses and resulted in people losing their jobs all over the CBD.

To protest this law, Keep Sydney Open will be holding a “mock funeral” for the soon to be closed bar Bar Century.

The rally is urging for:
– Lockout exemptions for licensed premises that are predominantly live music venues;
– An end to the license freeze for live music venues and small bars;
– The lifting of restrictions on retail hours;
– Late night public transport;
– The introduction of a night mayor; and
– An invitation from government to discuss next steps in partnership with those whose livelihoods depend on the music and culture industries.

You can learn more by visiting Keep Sydney Open’s website here.