Prurient, Alessandro Cortini, Regis, Kevin Drumm and Lussuria have teamed up to release a quadruple box-set on Hospital Productions—the label run by Dominick Fernow (aka Prurient)—titled: Various Auras: A Bird’s-Eye View Into A Machiavellian World of Secrecy. 

Various Auras features a total of four, specially commissioned, albums. The first of the albums comes from Alessandro Cortini who offers “an hour of new music spiraling down foggy alleys of primitivist, viscous drone and collapsing banks of curdling, atonal synth noise” as stated by Boomkat (the project’s distribution.) Following up is Kevin Drumm’s Middle of Nothing album which, according to Boomkat, goes back to the same tone explored by Drumm in his previous Imperial Distortion album. The third release is from Italian artist, Lussuria, who delivers: Indigo Window Along Those Steps. His tape is described as “a cinematic variant designed as a suite rather than single, unbroken tracks” and as the “most evocative and optimistic” of the four tapes. Wrapping up the box set, is a collaboration between Prurient and Regis who bring two different sides of their vision, titled: Family Configuration and The Eternal Laws.

Various Auras is available now (with only 469 copies available and no digital downloads) exclusively via Hospital Productions’ distribution, Boomkat.