Featured as an Artist to Watch during our Bubblin’ Up Week earlier this year, Ptaki has made an impression outside of their native Poland for unusual disco edits, counting releases for the likes of Young Adults and The Very Polish Cut-Outs to its run. Now, the pair has broadened its stylistic range for Przelot, Ptaki’s debut album which is reportedly set to demonstrate the pair’s love of reggae, Balearic house, and yacht rock. To celebrate the upcoming release, Ptaki have shared the dubby lead single “Nie Zabijaj,” where a female singer coos over echo-chambered snare hits and sparkling chords. Przelot is set for a May release date via the fast-growing Transatlantyk label; until then, Ptaki’s “Nie Zabijaj” can be streamed below.

1. Czula Jest Noca
2. Nie Zabijaj
3. Warsaw
4. Ostatni Kurs
5. Skit 1
6. Stacja Zagluszania
7. Za Daleki Sen
8. Skit 2
9. Sloneczny Pyl
10. Deszczem
11. Gdy Nadchodzi Pora Ksiezycowa
12. Juz Tyle
13. Jelitkowo
14. Girlandy