Frederikke Hoffmeier (a.k.a Puce Mary) and Jesse Sanes (a.k.a Liebestod) will release a new JH1.FS3 album on Dais Records.

Trials and Tribulations follows the experimental duo’s 2017 Loyalty album and is mostly improvised. “Using the seeds of improvisation as their root construct, the duo work without code, vocabulary or genre,” the label explains. “Instead, they systematically work as individuals in tandem, using disparate and varied sounds and sources to create gauzy collages of ideas, sound, and visceral sense reaction.” 

The album explores the relationship between space and time by reconfiguring the tendrils and fissures that bind them. We’re told to expect “percussive oscillations, descant vocals, and deconstructed patterns” that “create fields that vibrate, plunge, and drone.”

Puce Mary has released music on Posh Isolation and PAN, including last year’s The Drought LP. Sanes makes electronic music as Liebestod, and is also the lead singer of LA death metal band Kommand. 


01. Far From Spring View

02. Every Little Detail

03. Aleppo In Headlines

04. Chaos of Illusion

05. Interlude

06. The Earth Sticks To My Feel So I Won’t Abandon It

07. At the Bottom of the Night

08. Pipe Talk

09. Infinite Emptiness of a Heavy Heart

10. Nice

Trials And Tribulations LP will land on January 25, with “Pipe Talk” streaming below.