New York summers are exciting, but hotter than the deepest pit of hell, which makes leaving one’s house (or box-sized apartment, for most of us) a pretty unpleasant task. With that in mind, bike proponent Puma is taking a stand. For a few weeks in July, the streetwear company is sending its custom Biomega 8-Speed fold-up “Ice Cream” bike through Union Square, dispersing free treats to the sweaty masses.

The ice cream dude will be in the streets starting Thursday, July 19, from 12-2 p.m., and Saturdays during the month, from 1-4 p.m. He (we assume it’s a he) will also be handing out coupons for the Union Square store, giving folks a chance to win a brand new Biomega 8-Speed of their own. 

This isn’t Puma’s first foray into bicycle terrain. The company recently launched the Re-Bike project, a tour with the Bicycle Film Festival showcasing pimped-out recycled bicycles from a bunch of publications (including XLR8R). What’s next, a doctor on a BMX giving free physicals?