One of the holy trinity of new wonky dubstep producers, Bristol’s Guido is the first among the crew (which also includes Joker and Gemmy) who will see a full-length record released. Called Anidea, the album follows two trailblazing 12-inches—”Orchestral Lab” and “Beautiful Complication.” With album snippets up on SoundCloud right now, fans can whet their appetites for what many are calling the most exciting release of 2010.

Anidea comes out soon on Punch Drunk Records.

1. Anidea
2. Orchestral Lab
3. Woke Up Early
4. Cat In The Window
5. Beautiful Complication featuring Aarya
6. Mad Sax
7. You Do It Right
8. Take Me Higher
9. Way U Make Me Feel featuring Yolanda
10. Tango
11. Shades of Blue
12. Tantalized