With the release of journalist Simon Reynolds’ book Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984 (Penguin) and Paul Rachman’s American Hardcore film, punk has become a major player in the study of contemporary arts. Now, editors Mark Sladen and Ariella Yedgar are proud to introduce the art of punk’s past in the book PANIC ATTACK!: Art In the Punk Years.

Featuring 160 images, care of 30 artists from punk’s heyday (a.k.a. the mid-’70s-mid-’80s), PANIC ATTACK! contains essential paintings, graffiti, and iconic album artwork from the era’s greatest confrontational innovators. The hardcover book is filled with imagery from Basquiat, Jamie Reid (the Sex Pistol’s God Save the Queen artwork), Keith Haring, Cindy Sherman, and others.

Set for release in August, PANIC ATTACK!, is more than just another book chronicling underground art. It exposes the aesthetic and attitude that blossomed into the subcultures that have since evolved (post-punk, hardcore, etc), and the political and social concerns thrown into the limelight as a consequence.

PANIC ATTACK! is available in August from Merrell Publishers.