Hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, 22-year-old Peter Dahlgren (a.k.a. Puzzleweasel) is a ball of metallic fire. Canada’s Sublight imprint is cooking up a mass of releases this summer, and Dahlgren’s Exo-Grid is an anomaly–even for all of the weird shit the label pushes. Not unlike labelmates Venetian Snares, Nick Forté, and Ebola, Dahlgren fuses chopped-up breakcore with evil, scratchy, experimentation (think Richard Devine working under Mozart’s ghost on several forms of speed) that can cause migraines within seconds of any tracks.

Over the past four years the metal-master has also produced records for Violent Turd, Healthy Boy, and Jenka Music–all of which are noisy, IDM-infused visions of post-rave, pro-distortion destruction. Not to mention, Tigerbeat6 just released Weasel’s track “Taliban Terrorist Training” on its Let’s Lazertag Sometime compilation. The ball is officially rolling.

Puzzleweasel’s Exo-Grid is out May 29 on Sublight.

1. Cvon
2. Shrtwv Ikage
4. Acancia
5. Deslxtiks
6. Techk
7. Ecct
8. Hackspett
9. Lakse Farvet Pyjamas
10. Fst-Fuk-Ledr-Sofaa